About ILDE

The Integrated Learning Design Environment 2 - ILDE2 is a community platform for learning design. ILDE2 has been created for research purposes and offered as a service to educators for social impact. ILDE2 extends ILDE with data analytics at different layers (from community analytics to learning analytics) that support the learning design activity of community members.


The environment supports cooperation within a "Learning design" community in which its members share and co-create multiple types of learning designs covering the complete lifecycle:

  • from conceptualizing (working on/with starting points for designs; this type of learning design may facilitate the understanding of the context and the expected users, or may deal with abstractions and drafts around design elements and their interconnections, ...),
  • to authoring (producing a detailed definition of a learning design which is ready to use with learners),
  • and implementing (applying an authored learning design with a particular group of students using a specific virtual learning environment and set of tools),

Read more at https://www.upf.edu/web/tide/tools/ilde2