Exceeded the word count? here are a few tips on how to reduce the word count
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One of the hardest parts of writing is to cut down the words written in the draft that has to be restricted to a certain word limit. The process can be even more stressful if the deadline to submit the assignment is very short. Good content cannot be produced in just a couple of hours before the deadline.

When the time is short, you can look for shortcuts to reduce the word count in the document. An essay writer can help you in reducing the word count in the document but he or she may not know which is the most important part of the essay.



In the following lines, we will take a look at a few simple techniques that can be used to reduce the word count to the desired limit.

Delete “The”

         You can delete the word “The” from your text and keep the meanings of the text.


Original: The quality of the online essay writing service  depends on the content and the flow.

The quality of your essay depends on both content and flow

Delete “That”

         The word “that” is also frequently used in the essay and it can be easily deleted without changing the meaning.


Original: We concluded that cells that show the mutated protein can migrate across the barriers quicker than other types of cells.

We concluded cells showing mutated proteins moved across the barriers faster than other types.

Removing adjectives and adverbs

         Adverbs change verbs whereas adjectives modify nouns. Choosing better words will mean that you do not need modifying words. The undue use of adverbs and adjectives will weaken the stronger nouns and verbs. Omitting adjectives and adverbs will make your writing stronger and concise.


Original: The whole procedure lasted over four days and the drug greatly altered the patients’ health.

The treatment went on for four days and the drug improve the condition of patients

It is important that the writing is concise and to the point. A paper writing service can help you in creating appropriate content within the given word count limit. This service can be used when there is not enough time left in the submission of the essay.

Using shorter words

         There is a temptation to use longer words in places where shorter words can suffice. Using shorter words will reduce the characters in the writing and will communicate better meanings to the readers.


Original: The researchers investigated whether utilizing a particular drug will facilitate the patients more than the other.

The researchers studied whether using one drug will help the patients more than the other.

Trimming wordy phrases

         Many needless words can be deleted so that lengthy phrases can be shortened. This will also clear out all the clutter in your writing.

  If the above information is not enough, worry not; you can find many platforms for custom essay writing service. These platforms have to be selected carefully and you should buy the whole package including the plagiarism report from them.


Original: During the course of the semester, the majority of the equipment was damaged in response to careless handling.

During the semester, most equipment was damaged due to careless handling

Use active voice

         Active voice can be written by using fewer words as compared to the passive voice. Active voice also results in clearer writing. It is a compelling way of writing and helps the writer to tell a powerful story.


Passive: The samples were used by the researcher

Active: The researcher used the samples.

Remove the needless transitions

         Transition words can help in maintaining the flow of your writing and enhance the reading experience. However, some transition words can be deleted without affecting the quality of writing.


Original: Indeed, we found that the mutated protein was dangerous for heart patients

Revised: We found that the mutated protein was dangerous for heart patients

Remove conjunctions      

         Conjunctions are used to connect two independent statements. These statements can be written as separate sentences.


Original: Patients taking drug A did not show any symptoms for three days, and patients treated with drug B did not show any symptoms for seven days.

Revised: Patients treated with drug A did not show any symptoms for three days. Patients treated with drug B did not show any symptoms for seven days.

Rephrasing running starts

         Sometimes writers give a direct start to sentences by using phrases such as “there are” or “the fact that”. These phrases can be rephrased to make the writing more direct and shorten the text at the same time.


Original: It has been concluded that the cells move faster when they are treated with a certain drug.

Revised: The cells move faster when treated by the drug.

Tackle paragraphs with widows and orphans

         When working with word limits, a good way is to attack the paragraphs containing dangling words that are also called widows and orphans. A widow is an alone word or a phrase that appears at the end of a page or a paragraph. An orphan is a word that is written at the top or start of the page. You should look for parts having just a few words in the end and assess how they can be removed to make some extra space.


         Several times, students cannot limit themselves to the given word count. The above guidelines will help the writer in keeping within the word count. However, it is important to proofread the document to see that any essential information is not left behind when you are searching for an  essay writer free

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