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We may claim that we are on the cutting edge of fashion and hairdressing. However, we are aware that this is pure nonsense and that everyone says it. Instead, we provide a location where individuals can go to obtain high-quality hair treatments in a setting where they can be themselves without fear of being judged at Blockhead Salon, a hairdresser in Bondi Junction. We think that, below all of our masks, we're all just dummies.

a group of jerks who have operated a hair salon in Bondi Junction ( blockhead salon ) for several decades. We used to work at a wonderful place called Catwalk, despite the fact that we were constantly Blockheads. We have discovered our true purpose and shall serve the overlord whatever he pleases thanks to Overlord Blockhead's reappearance and his teachings.

No gimmicks, just fantastic hair treatments, wonderful conversation, wide grins, and a boost in freshness of 113 percent.

We all feared the candyman growing up, but the real villain was mulletman hiding in the darkness, giving people bad mullets and nautica tees.



Author(s): Vahid Amini
Published at: 22 Jun 2022 13:54 GMT
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