Helen Doron - A Review of the Helen Doron Franchise
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Helen Doron is a British linguist and educator who has established the Helen Doron Educational Group to teach English to young people in Israel. Through a franchise network, these centres are linked together in Misgav. The organisation was founded by Helen Doron herself in Hararit, a small village located in northern Israel. She lives in Hararit, where she has developed English classes for young people. To learn more about Helen Doron, read on.

Founder of Helen Doron

The Founder of Helen Doron was a linguist by training. In Israel, her children became fluent in Hebrew and English and she then began her work on teaching children English through songs. This method is based on neurolinguistics, and she developed a series of music and games that mimic the way a child naturally learns a new language. Her method has since been franchised in more than 38 countries. Helen Doron's methods are credited with enabling over 3 million children to learn English. She continues to develop her methods, including new educational programmes for children.

The Helen Doron franchise has become a global movement. Founded in 1985, Helen Doron Educational Group has expanded into over 800 locations around the world. There are now over 800 Kindergartens and Learning Centres in 34 countries. The company is the world's leader in children's educational franchising. Helen Doron's programs focus on human growth, language development, and global citizenship. Helen Doron is a successful example of a franchise model, which is both innovative and effective.


The Helen Doron ESL/EFL Methodology was first created more than 30 years ago. Its multidisciplinary approach has been proven effective in improving language learning in children with special needs. Here are some of the main benefits of the method:

The methodology is based on the idea of natural language learning. Children learn English through songs, rhymes and stories, mimicking the process that mothers have used to learn the language. It is now a worldwide franchise with more than 1,000 learning centres across 38 countries. It has taught English to more than three million children. Helen Doron's original music partners continue to create songs and educational apps for new programmes. The method has also earned her worldwide recognition as a global business model.


The Helen Doron Group is a pioneer in teaching English as a Foreign Language and has established several educational centers worldwide. Its first facility was in Dongtan, South Korea, where it incorporated a baby centre. The centre's curriculum incorporates Helen Doron's proven English methodology. In addition to English classes for babies, the centre also includes a swimming pool and a kindergarten. The group believes that children benefit from learning English as it challenges the infant brain and creates a bond between parents and children.

The Helen Doron educational group has been offering high quality educational materials and exclusive learning programmes for over 35 years. Their English, Maths, and Kindergarten programmes have helped more than two million children learn English. There are currently over 900 Helen Doron Centres in over 36 countries. The Helen Doron methodology is effective in ensuring children develop their English and other skills. The Helen Doron Educational Group offers English and Maths programmes for children, kindergarten programs, and teen English.

Online classes

The Helen Doron English franchise has recently launched HELENDORON@HOME, an innovative online learning solution, built upon the company's 35-year experience. This innovative teaching method combines a variety of learning techniques with a fun and interactive experience to make learning exciting and engaging for children. The Helen Doron online classes are available to any parent or educator looking for an affordable, flexible learning option for their children. With the help of Helen Doron online classes, parents can be assured of the highest standards of quality.

The Helen Doron Educational Group was founded in 1985 and has more than 1,000 learning centres in 38 countries. Its two most famous programs are MathRiders and Ready Steady Move. Over three million children have benefitted from the Helen Doron approach, which uses movement and interactive games to make learning fun and engaging. The Helen Doron educational group is known for its community spirit and high quality business practices. However, the company is making the process of transferring its proven methodology to online classes easier than ever.

Success of the method

The Success of Helen Doron method is a proven educational model that uses music and games to teach English to children. The Helen Doron method is a fun way to teach children English while giving them positive reinforcement in the process. The curriculum has been used to teach over one million children to speak and read English. Children who follow this method have an easy time learning the language, and most of them say they enjoy their jobs. Here are some of the benefits of this educational model.

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