Advantages and differences of oil paintings
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They have been created over the centuries. Paints have unique properties, including slow drying. It gives the picture an additional zest. The oil can differ in different levels of transparency, with the help of which the play of shadows and light is transmitted by the master in a particularly high quality. Learn more at

There are several main genres in this area, including landscapes, still lifes, portraits, etc. Each option has its own unique features and characteristics. The depth of the picture is provided regardless of the chosen genre due to the unique properties of paints. They allow you to qualitatively place accents, convey the mood of the artist.

Most often, oil paints are used together with canvas. This combination allows you to get several important advantages, including durability, uniqueness and versatility. Oil paints have a high level of resistance, which guarantees their durability. The picture under adequate storage conditions will retain its original appearance for a long time. You can fit such a picture harmoniously into almost any type of interior. You can buy it for yourself or as a gift to a colleague, loved one. There is an option when the cost of a work of art will increase over time. In particular, the likelihood is high if the artist goes from a beginner to a famous master. The uniqueness of each painting is a big plus. Due to the complexity of the technique, it is impossible to create two works of art that will be identical in every way.

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