My first design

Your first LdS

We've just created a Learning design Solution (LdS) for you, so you don't start with an empty account :) And we're going to take advantage of this opportunity to explain you some of the features that the ILDE offers. 

The ILDE supports cooperation within a "Learning design" community, supported by ILDEplus, in which its members (users) share and co-create multiple types of learning design solutions (LdS) covering the complete lifecycle, from conceptualization to authoring and to implementation.

Top bar menu

The top bar menu is divided in five main secions:

New LdS:  Here you will be able to start the creation of a new LdS. The menu offers you access to multiple learning design tools organized into three different submenus:

- Conceptualization tools, enabling you to focus on starting points for designs: from facilitating understanding of the context and the expected users, to dealing with abstractions and drafts around design elements and their interconnections (Course Map, Persona, Design Pattern, Desing Narrative, Persona Card, Factors and Concerns, CompediumLD, ...)

- Authoring tools, allowing the production of detailed learning designs which are ready to use with learners (WebCollage, OpenGLM, CADMOS)

- Implementation tools, supporting the application of the authored learning designs with particular groups of students using specific virtual learning environments (e.g. Moodle) and set of tools (e.g., Google apps)  (via Glue!PS)

My LdS: In this section you will find all the LdS you create and the ones other users have shared with you with editing rights. This includes conceptualized, authored and implemented LdS. To make it simple, here you'll find all the LdS you can edit.

Browse LdS: Here you will find a detailed list of all the LdS available for you in this site. You can discover and reuse the LdDs that other users have made available.

users: All the users are listed in this section. Here you can manage your groups of contacts, which you will use to share your LdS. Visiting the profile of an user will allow you to see the solutions she has created and is sharing with you.

Private Messaging: Clicking on the envelope you see in your top bar allows you to read and send private messages to other users.


Conceptualize an LdS

An LdS created with the tools under the "Conceptualize" menu consists of one or more documents. By default, the newly created LdS come with two documents: the "Main Document" (which follows a template according to the specific tool selected: PlevenCourse Map, Persona, Design Pattern, Desing Narrative, Persona Card, Factors and Concerns, CompediumLD, ...) and the Support Document, where you can give advice on the usage of these LdS. You can add, rename and remove documents using the tabs you find under the editor.

The editor allows you to insert different kinds of media to your LdS. As you can see in this LdS, images and links can be added, as well as any kind of embeddable content you find on the Internet (YouTube vides, SlideShare slides, etc.)


Author an LdS


Under the "Author" menu you can create LdS that are ready to use with learners. Several tools are supported, such WebCollage, OpenGLM... Each LdS consists of one or more documents. By default, the newly created LdS come with two documents: the "Main Document" (for direct edition or upload depending on the selected authoring tool) and a plain-text Support Document, where you can write additional information about the LdS (e.g., advice for the teacher, evaluation criteria, etc.).


Implement an LdS


Finally in the "Implement" Menu you can: register a new "Virtual Learning Environment", see what VLE you have registered or are available to use in "See your VLE",and implement a design into one of your VLE registered using the "Select a design to implement in a VLE through GLUEPS".

What else can we do with an LdS?

Tagging LdS

If you want to make your LdS easily searchable and discoverable, we strongly engourage you to tag it. You have tree kinds of tags: Discipline, Pedagogical Approach and Free tags.

Sharing LdS

After you create an LdS you can decide who to share it with. You can specify which rights to assign to each user: editing it or just reading it and allowing comments. If you've created any groups beforehand, you can share your LdS directly with your groups by typing their name.

Publishing LdS

If you'd like to make available the "conceptualized LdS" you create in ILDEplus even for users which are not registered here (for example, your students), you can publish any of the LdS you have created. Just share the resulting URL with anyone you like!

Exporting LdS

Sometimes it's interesting to grab a copy of our work and put it safely in our pen drive just in case we're going to spend some time out of Internet connection. ILDEplus allows you to save the "conceptualized LdS" in PDF format – keeping the same layout you see in ILDEplus! Why don't you try it with this one?


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Published at: 16 Mar 2022 11:16 GMT
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