Turnover Requirements For Casino Bonuses
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There are different kinds of bonuses in casino play. These casino bonuser are a welcome bonus, online casino bonus, bonus without deposit, loyalty bonus, roulette/blackjack bonus, and more. Each of these bonuses has its features, perks, and limitations. But our focus here will be on the turnover requirements.


Now, what do we mean by turnover requirement?


In a simple term, it is said to be all the requirements that have to be met before a player can claim any reward. While some of these bonuses have turnover requirements attached to the winnings. Others do not.



In a moment, we will be looking at the turnover requirements of casino bonuses.

Turnover Requirements For Casino Bonus

With these requirements for a casino bonus, it would be very easy to tell the difference between a good and bad bonus offer. And that is because the high wagering conditions make it next to impossible to play a game with the sole intent of withdrawing winnings from your casino accounts. That gives room for some degree of seriousness and adventures.


Furthermore, there's no uniformity in the turnover requirement for a casino bonus. Each has its unique turnover requirements for bonuses. It is why intending players should endeavor to go through the terms and requirements. That way, they will know what they are getting into before investing in any casino platform.


There's no specific amount you are required to wager. But the turnover requirement is stated as the initial value of your bonus. For instance, 20x, 30x, 40x, 50x, etc. When you receive a NOK 1,000 with a turnover of 40x, you are required to pay NOK 40,000 before the bonus can be accessible to you. Again, it is paramount for players to ensure that the claim only applies to the bonus amount. But sometimes, it applies to the bonus amount and the deposit you made when you get the bonus.

Conclusion - Finding the Right Casino Bonuses

Playing casino games can be somewhat tricky. There are large selections of casinos with thousands of games. Each of these casinos has its bonuses, terms, perks, turnover requirements, and of course limitations. Deciding on one can be a difficult task.


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Published at: 09 Dec 2021 07:38 GMT
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