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If you have Telegram page, you need to use targeted Telegram ads to grow it! But how to run Telegram ads that are targeted? In this part of the article, we want to examine the steps of targeted Telegram advertising. Targeted Telegram ads are done in 8 steps, some of which can be more detailed, but we will examine the general steps. These steps include:

Telegram Advertise

The first step in getting targeted advertising is to see what the purpose of the ad is. Each Telegram page can have its own purpose for advertising. Sometimes Telegram page can even create Telegram advertising campaign with multiple goals, which depends entirely on your business.

To better understand this, let's look at an example. Suppose Telegram business has an educational product and wants to increase its sales. In this case, with ads, it can increase its members and sell its product with the help of proper marketing. In such a situation, this page has not only increased its members, but also increased its sales, which in fact has pursued two goals together.

How to promote Telegram channel and group?

The second step in order to get targeted advertising is to define your advertising strategy! Advertising strategy means having a targeted advertising roadmap and knowing exactly what to do. A complete advertising strategy includes all stages of advertising; Details such as target audience, target pages and budget

If you want to have a targeted ad, you need to create the right advertising strategy. If you do not have the expertise yourself, it is better to get help from an expert to get the best results from your advertising campaign.

There are various advertising methods on Telegram, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages! You can use post ads, stories, contests, sponsors and… to help grow your Telegram page. All methods may work for a business, but usually one method has the best feedback.

So, the third step is to see what advertising method you want to use to grow your Telegram page. It is better to be a little creative in choosing the advertising method; For example, you can use attractive contests along with story ads to introduce the contest to increase page interaction.

Find channels related to your job

The next step: buy real telegram channel members and find pages related to your field of work! Each page has its own audience and these audiences have their own characteristics. In order to have a targeted ad, you need to advertise on pages where the audience of that page is interested in following your topic.

For example, if you have cosmetics for sale, your customers are naturally women. So you should advertise on pages where most of her members are women so that you can encourage them to follow your page. Find a list of pages related to your field of work and then move on to the next step.

Boost Telegram subscribers

Another issue that is very important when targeting Telegram ads is the interaction of users with the desired pages! Sometimes Telegram pages use fake members, in which case only the number of members is high, but they do not interact with that page. This will cause your ads to not perform well and ultimately, many users will not follow you.

In the previous step, you gathered a list of related pages; Now it's time to see how users interact with that page. There are several tools for this, but it is better not to be satisfied with just the percentage of interaction that these tools show. After reviewing with the tool, go to the desired page and check the comments posted by people. If the robot is a species, it is better to remove that page from the list.

Increase Telegram channel or group followers

Now that you have the final list of pages, do not rush to run an ad campaign! Take a look at the page for a few days and check the ads on that page. You should see how many members the page in question had at the beginning of the ad and how many members it had after the ad! This will help you to see the performance of the page you want to run the ads.

There is an important issue! Sometimes pages offer ads on multiple pages at the same time. So be careful to see if that page did not advertise on multiple pages at the same time. Because many of the members that are attracted may be from other pages, in which case you will not be able to get a good return on advertising.

Buy Telegram target members from BTM

Now that you have a list of pages and you know how much each page is going to give you returns and members, it's time to design your targeted Telegram ads. To design targeted ads, you need to design your banner ads in a way that appeals to users and attracts their attention to read the content of the ads.

In designing advertisements, not only the appearance design is important, but you should also write good textual content! The more engaging your content is, the more users will be encouraged to follow your page.


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