Hip Hop Apple Music Top Albums
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Are you looking for the best hip-hop Apple Music top albums of all time? In this post, we will be looking at the top albums that over the cause of time have undeniably influenced rap’s landscape and created the bedrock of the Hip hop music culture.

It is important to note that Apple Music has lots of content for users to listen to. It contains many hip-hop videos that have stood the test of time and are responsible for shaping hip-hop identities today.

If you do a quick search on Apple Music, you will find that there are many albums available. You can stream or purchase these albums anytime.

The albums we will share on this list are gems of true rap music.

Let us get right into it.

Tribe Called Quest, Midnight Marauders

If you are a 90’s rap music enthusiast, you will love the Midnight Marauders album. This album embodied a laid back but precise lyricism that was better than other hip-hop tracks of the time.

This album was popular because of the generous serving of funk, bass, and jazz-infused rap. In addition, it contains some of the legends in the hip-hop industry like Phife Dawg, Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed, and Jarobi White.

Nas, Illmatic

Illmatic was the first debut studio album by Nas that has been widely recognized by most hip-hop heads. It was his best album because it features banger after banger and unique productions that are still recognized to date.

Nas was 20 years old when he released this album. He released it as a testament to his maturity and eloquence as an upcoming artist.

Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

The Wu-Tang Clan released hardcore rap music that was widely recognized all over the world. All the members were very talented and they proved their worth time after time.

Their music featured cold, sparse beats that were different when compared to music from other artists. This is one of the best albums of all time.

Dr. Dre, The Chronic

Dr. Dre is one of the most respected artists in the hip-hop industry. The chronic is one of his greatest albums with songs that have a smoother velvet feature than Snoop Dogg.

The instrumentals used in this album embody West Coast gangster rap. These tracks have a similarly identifiable California sound.

Jay Z, The Blueprint

Jay Z is one of the most respected artists in the hip-hop game. His name pays tribute to the subway system of New York City.

He released this album to prove that he was still the best. This is because he was dealing with disses from many top players in the hip-hop game at that time. One of the songs we love from this album is “Hola’ Hovito”.


In this post, we have looked at the top hip-hop music albums available on Apple Music. It is worth mentioning that this list is not exhaustive, but these albums have stood the test of time and they have influenced rap’s landscape.

We hope that this post helped you to learn more about the best hip-hop albums of all time.

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