Writing annotated bibliographies of clinical trials: Advanced guide
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This is an important part of your research that you should be knowing about bibliography in the first place then we will discuss what does annotated bibliography mean? Firstly, a bibliography is a list of different sources like books, articles, journals, websites that you have consulted while doing your research. So college essay writing service contains the author name, date of publication and title etc. 



While annotated bibliography contains a summary and evaluation of the sources. It talks about the sources, its concern and its findings while giving your own commentary on it. Generally, it consists of 100 to 150 words. The annotation includes one or more of these, given below, as per the requirement of the assignment:


It is just the main points about the sources. It includes what is the title and what does it address. Who is the author and what has he talked about? If it is a book you will be talking about the topic covered and the subjects discussed. The reader will come to know about the crux of the book or research paper. The salient points of the source are summarily mentioned.


This includes your assessment of the source whether it is reliable, useful and authentic. How has the research approached whether he/she is objective or biased? How the results relate to other sources in your research paper.  So, it requires you to do critical enquiry as a researcher.


Once you have summarized and assessed the source then comes the reflection part where you justify as to what does it relate to your research? How does it fit your topic and subject matter? How would it contribute to your research? Has it helped you think in a certain way and how helpful it has been for you?

In the field of clinical trials, annotated bibliographies are highly helpful because it makes you cognizant of the previous work done on the topic. It helps you do something genuinely new by studying the work that has already been done. Also, it makes one aware which avenues and perspectives have been previously been explored and what is it that needs to be researched. Therefore, in clinical trials from a single example from best essay writing service, you get to know about many things that have been researched and it helps smoothen your way to new research.

Furthermore, you would be thinking why should I write an annotated bibliography? So, here are the reasons why you should be writing an annotated bibliography:

To learn more about the Topic

Once you collect the sources and write them one by one, you put greater focus on each detail and that helps you better understand your research topic. It is highly advised to avoid services like online essay writing when it comes to annotated bibliography because self-writing makes you know more about your research topic and other details. While writing the annotated bibliography you get to know about the arguments of other researchers because at the end of the day research is to state a thesis and support it. So, the more you will write an annotation, the better aware you will become of your topic.

To Help Others or to Give Credibility

Your cited works give authenticity and validity to your work that you have consulted credible and valid sources. The reader can access the other research and know more about it. Imagine if someone asks essay writing service to write my essay, you would be doing it like your own work? Most probably not, so the same is with annotated bibliography. Never ask some to do it for you but do it yourself so that even at the time of your research's defence you may have a good grip over the topic. Self-written is an authentic and reliable one. 


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