Best Team Building Activities & Ideas in 2021

Best Team Building Activities & Ideas in 2021



Team building activities are online group activities that develop remote teams that work together. They require extra creativity and engaging activities to build a strong team.

The University of California, San Francisco says that "Team Building Activities is an ongoing process that helps a workgroup become cohesive.". They not only share expectations for completing tasks but also trust and support one another and respect each other's differences.".

As well as games and icebreakers, team building includes work, leisure, collaboration, problem-solving, and projects, which can occur at a picnic, an arcade, a sporting event, or a restaurant.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to some tips and tricks on how you can accomplish this through team-building activities.







What is team building?


An effective team must have respect for one another and a sense of responsibility towards one another. Building a team involves cultivating a sense of community and spirit, not just in the workplace, but outside of it as well. 


In today's world, a lot of work teams are becoming effective. We are now meeting our team members on a Zoom call instead of multiple times at our desks or at the coffee machine during the day. Losing these small moments throughout the day can affect a team's attitude and performance, so it is important to foster a sense of team community effectually.




Why is team building important?




Team members who are not motivated won't be able to work efficiently or effectively. Work-from-home policies and fewer in-person interactions make it very easy for employees to become discouraged. It is important to practice team building regularly so your employees keep their spirits up and look forward to their work.


It is much easier to build a team "brand" or community in person as you chat organically throughout the day. When you participate in a Zoom call, you have to plan, and with that planning comes a loss of some of the natural group bonding that occurs at work. However, you still need to set aside time to focus on team development.



Who can team-building help?

If you take the time to build your team and create a team fun activities, yet effective, work environment, you benefit not only yourself but also your colleagues and the whole organization. Check out the following stakeholders who are greatly benefited by team-building activities.




If you are a leader of people, you know that a team that works well together accomplishes much more than a team that constantly has to work through disagreements. It will take much less time down the road to resolve conflicts if you take the time to build your team upfront. Your team members will have the tools they need to rapidly resolve any issues that arise and find a solution. 



Team members 


Having likes, appreciation, and respect for your coworkers makes you feel more obligated to do your best. You may not feel as responsible towards your coworkers if you don't know them well. In taking the time to build your team, you ensure that your members feel a sense of accountability towards one another, which will not only create a better work environment but also result in better quality work. 



Executive leadership


It can sometimes be difficult to recognize your contributions to the organization, especially in larger companies. Despite that, it is important to take a moment to realize that you add value to the company -- and a cohesive team adds even more value. 


Imagine a company with five teams. Three of these five teams don't communicate well, have internal conflicts constantly, and don't meet deadlines. The other two teams are affected since they are unable to complete their work without the previous teams' contributions. The executive leadership then has to explain to external stakeholders why the company is moving slowly. If one team is poorly managed, it affects the entire organization.


When your team works well together and has a sense of community, this directly benefits your company's executive leadership when your team completes its work in a timely and top-notch manner.



Clients and customers


Communication and respect among your team members will make your clients and customers love working with you. If there is a lack of communication, separate email chains with different information, or awkward meetings, your team members will not like working with you. You should ensure that your team is aligned on the best ways to communicate with customers, how to approach team meetings with clients, and how to present a united front. 



Tools for successful team building


Right now, many of us cannot see our teammates in person, so you must ensure that it is easy to connect with them online. You need to invest in the right technology and tools to make your team bonding experience as seamless as possible.



Business communication tool (Slack, Amazon Chime, etc.)


Your first step should be to find a tool that allows you to connect instantly with your team. Sometimes, all you need to do is just ask a simple question and you don't need to go on a Zoom meeting. A professional messaging tool like Slack or Amazon Chime allows you to communicate with your entire team or privately. 



Virtual streaming provider


Make sure you have a virtual streaming provider that will allow you to video conference with multiple members of your team simultaneously for team meetings or bonding sessions. If you are using the free trial of a video streaming software, make sure you check the settings beforehand, since some platforms have a time limit on meetings with more than one person. 



Team building games and activities





Below you can find a list of activities that you and your team may find helpful for your next virtual team building session. Have fun!



Mobile app gamification


Use your team's mobile app to create engaging games that will keep your team members engaged throughout the day. Consider creating a scavenger hunt in which your team members must take photos of items at their remote workspace. Set a time to share your photos and see which team member checked off the most items at the end of the day. Here are a few things you could add to your scavenger hunt:

  1. Coffee mug of choice
  2. A favorite at-home work buddy (a pet, a family member, a friend, etc.)
  3. Bring your lunch
  4. while working remotely
  5. on your agenda/calendar



Fun polls and quizzes throughout the meeting


Keep attendees engaged during large team meetings using a mobile app. Break up long meetings by asking fun, non-work-related poll questions throughout the discussion. Here are some fun poll questions to ask your team:


  1. What is your go-to work drink: coffee or tea?
  2. What is your favorite afternoon snack?
  3. Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains on your next vacation? 
  4. What is your favorite movie/TV show?



Team happy hours and coffee breaks


Having a happy hour or coffee break with your team outside of work is a great way to bond. Set aside a half-hour on your team's calendars and don't talk about work during this time.



Team board game night


If your team can find a night during the week when each member can spare a few hours, this can be a lot of fun. Look for a virtual streaming provider that allows you to divide into teams and strategize separately. The game you choose should be easy to learn and play virtually for those who have never played before. Here are some good choices:


  1. Apples to Apples
  2. Life
  3. Clue
  4. Scrabble
  5. Card games



Team training study session 


While this is not as entertaining, it is very effective and a great way to focus on professional development. Particularly during these times of uncertainty, many of us have extra time that can be put towards completing training, getting certifications, or building our resumes. 


Consider turning this opportunity into a team-building activity by holding a team study session. As an example, if your team wishes to become certified in Cvent's venue sourcing solutions, set aside an hour each week for your team to study together for the certification exam. 


This is the perfect way to show your commitment to one another, your careers, and your professional development. 


Team building ideas

Building your team does not only require time and resources but also ensures that these activities are working. Make sure you schedule one-on-one meetings with your team members to make sure they are happy. Identify any internal conflicts and find ways to resolve them. Don't forget to include surveys after team meetings or team gatherings to gauge your team's response. 





1) How do you make a team meeting fun?


6 Ways to Make Your Meetings Fun and Engaging

  1. The ice breaker. Ice breakers are a great way to start a meeting, especially for remote teams. 
  2. Show-and-tell. Show-and-tell isn't just for children. 
  3. Let people take ownership. 
  4. Celebrate team wins. 
  5. Encourage shoutouts. 
  6. Play an online game.



2) What are good icebreaker questions?


Great Icebreaker Questions




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