40 Key Topic ideas for persuasive Essays
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Purpose of a persuasive essay

Persuasive essay is used as an academic writing document to make a claim and then give logic and reasons to prove your claim or convince the readers. Persuasive essay is sometimes named as argumentative essay as it contains one main argument or claim and then supports evidence which are logics or support of an article. Many researchers, writers of journals, new paper writers and authors use techniques or persuasive essay techniques to give strength to their work or opinion.

Persuasion is used in our everyday life as well, so it is not compulsory to select a formal or academic topic for writing this essay. Most of the times when I had to write my essay, I always opt for persuasive speech as it is a flexible approach to giving logic and arguments. In fact, most of the topics are normal statements like; Pizza is a better burger, this is just an opinion of a person but supporting logic cannot be in the form of opinions, personal choices or beliefs. Rather you will give some details like sales of pizza were higher than burger, people prefer pizza over burgers by giving some figures.

Topic ideas for persuasive essay

Most of the times students are given instructions on the type of topics they can select, these instructions narrow down your area for topic selection. Always brainstorm before starting or selecting the essay and choose the topic that you feel that you can give most logic and reasoning to add strength. Here are some of the persuasive essay topics belonging to different domains which can help you select the topic of your own choice;

Educational topic

Educational persuasive essays cover a wide range of topics; education system, teaching techniques, comparison of education systems, cafeteria discussions and so on. Some of the topics for educational essay are listed below;

  1. School cafeteria does not offer healthy food.
  2. Schools must educate students on financial literacy.
  3. Is college important for every individual?
  4. Foreign languages should be a part of college learning.
  5. Online learning is better than on campus lectures.
  6. Why are online lectures not a good decision for students?
  7. Biased checking of exam papers has negative impacts on students’ learning abilities
  8. Is cursive learning advantageous for students?
  9. Education should be free
  10. One year gap after college helps students to choose the right degree in future.

 Political persuasive essay topics

  1. Under 18 citizens must be given the right to vote
  2. Impact of fake news on public trust
  3. Why is casting a vote important?
  4. What should be done for issues of immigration in the United States
  5. Why is our country politically divided?
  6. Should opposition be allowed to make negative comments in every situation?
  7. Impact of protest on our daily life.
  8. United States terrorism threat.
  9. Biometric voting is better than manual voting.
  10. Separation of church and state is not a right decision

Health topic for persuasive essays

  1. Healthcare must be made universal
  2. Vitamins should be added in daily intake of food
  3. Organic products are better than inorganic products
  4. Cafeterias must stop making unhealthy food
  5. Medical services must be free for every individual
  6. Why diabetic patients should not workout.
  7. Spicy food is dangerous for your health
  8. Toothpastes with strong chemicals are dangerous for health
  9. Smoking is injurious
  10. Positivity helps to improve mental and physical health

Miscellaneous topic for persuasive essay

Listed below are some of the random topics that are used by students and also in the essay written by some essay writer 

  1. Social media negatively impacts mental health
  2. World tour should be free
  3. Football is better than cricket
  4. Laughter therapy should be done everyday
  5. Marijuana is sometimes beneficial for health
  6. Bad effects of bread that we are not aware of
  7. Cigarette should not sold openly
  8. COVID has made people more creative
  9. Isolation is sometimes good for mental health
  10. Pet care should be taught in college as well.

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