How to Choose The Right Research Methodology
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In the course of doing business, we need to do research on a wide range of topics. However, what boggles the mind of any researcher out there is the choice of which research method they are going to use to produce the desired results. Generally, there are two research methodologies available. Depending on the outcome that you are looking to get, you can either choose to do qualitative or quantitative research.

Selecting the right research methodology is vital in any market research process. This is because the choice can either make or break your project. As you ponder on how to choose a research methodology, it is important to look at the factors that will help you make the right decision.

Whether you choose a qualitative or a quantitative research design is up to you. However, it is imperative to base your decision on the nature of your project as well as the kind of information that you want to get from your respondents. Qualitative research will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the problem and possibly answer your hypothesis. Conversely, doing quantitative research will help you to scale your research by providing real statistics that can be projected to reflect the wider views of the population. There are projects that combine the two research methods in one.  Read on to discover the factors to consider when choosing a research methodology. 

Goals and objectives 

Before deciding on which research methodology is appropriate for your project, you need to establish what you want to achieve with the project. It is very important to establish what the project is supposed to accomplish so that you can choose a methodology that will accomplish that end. Therefore, you have to take time to understand the key elements of the project. For example, are you looking to solve a specific problem in your business or establish the number of people who are for a certain idea? Similarly, do you need the information in one go or are you looking to do a follow-up research on the topic? Knowing the kind of information that you need to achieve the desired results will help you narrow down on the research methodology that will serve you best. 


Once you have established the goals and objectives of the project, it is time to establish whether there is a need for statistics in your end results. When research features statistical significance, it means that data was collected randomly from the target audience. But if there is a need for data-driven research results, you need to choose a quantitative research methodology as it can cover a larger sample size and produce more accurate results. 

Qualitative vs quantitative 

When you are dealing with a large sample size, you need a way to project the results so that it can reflect the opinion of the rest of the population. As we mentioned earlier, quantitative research represents data in a more direct fashion.  If you are working on a lengthy questionnaire, you should consider conducting an online survey. This is because such an avenue will enable the respondents to answer the questions quickly and with much ease. Online surveys are also more interactive and thus, reduce fatigue on the part of the interviewer. 

Conversely, if you need to capture consumer opinion or suggestions on your products and services, then a qualitative survey is the best way to go. In this data collection methodology, you can capture consumer insights through open-ended questionnaires and interviews. Deciding whether you need hard facts or just digging deeper to understand people’s behavior and attitude will go a long way in helping you decide on the best research methodology to follow.  

Timing and research feasibility 

Timing and feasibility are very important when looking for a research methodology. However, as you look at the timing and feasibility, you need to consider the following variables: 


Choosing the right research method will make all the difference in your research project. And as we complete tips on ‘how to choose a research methodology’ it is important to note that you go with the methodology that brings you the desired results within the stipulated time.



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