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League of Legends has been around since 2009, and is still one of the most well-known online video games today. Whether you are playing for the first time, or need a refresher after months or years have passed, League of Legends is a battle arena game of strategy. Each champion has their own unique set of skills and abilities, so getting to know how to use one character through builds is a necessary skill, if you are interested in reaching the top.

However, builds are not only about a character’s skills, but also includes what items and armor you want to use in battle. Builds also depend on the position in your team you plan to play, the type of character you play as, and so on. For those who are a little unfamiliar with builds, keep reading.



What is a build?

Builds are strategies to optimize a character’s potential. Players will often take a great amount of time in learning about how a single character’s abilities and items work in battle in order to better understand how to use the character to win. However, making a build from scratch is a time-consuming practice, and many find making builds to be too challenging. For those who can’t spare the time, or are not confident in their build-making, League of Legends build calculators and optimizers exist for that exact purpose.

What are LoL build calculators, optimizers, and theory crafters?

These three tools make creating a strong build in League of Legends easier for anyone, whether you have played before, or are making your way to level 30 for the first time. Each of these tools will often include most, if not all, of the 155 champions currently playable in-game. 

League of Legends build calculators break down the options and paths that a character can take in battle, from skills to items. Terms you will see mentioned in the calculations include:

These are only a few terms, but it is essential to become familiar with what each character is capable of, their strengths and weaknesses, and so on, as to best utilize the build calculator.

League of Legends optimizers are a great tool for those who have already established builds that they enjoy using and want to improve, or want to learn more about strategizing and creating builds form scratch. LoL optimizers take your current build or builds and compare builds to each other. Build optimizers also allow you to take a look at ultimate builds and team presets that best match your build in-game.

League of legends build calculator that primarily focuses on stats, allowing the player to get an easily laid out presentation of what a character could be capable of in-game. LoL theory crafters are great for those looking to branch out from their main champion and learn how to make a new build, without spending hours in-game figuring the details out and affecting their win to lose ratio.

Tips to optimizing any build

While it is possible to learn how to optimize and play any character in their best form, sometimes what makes a champion difficult to play is the playstyle they are meant to be played as. Ask yourself if you are more of a tank, or offense, or defense. Do you prefer melee or long-range? Are you more of a two-handed weapon kind of player, or do you prefer sorcery? How you like to play can drastically improve or impair your build.


Build guides are created for the sake of those who want more insight into how other players create builds and use their builds in-game. Build guides are useful for players of all levels, and allow players to see the potential that every champion has, which opens more room for players to explore champions they may have been discouraged from playing before.

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Published at: 01 Oct 2021 10:14 GMT
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