Walker and Avant Analysis: Therapeutic Communication For Nursing Students
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Many platforms are providing Nursing Assignment Help with expert and professional guidance to help students get high scores. However, one of the most important components of nursing is considered to be – therapeutic communication. It is ultimately called a really complex subject to understand so their assignments are really confusing and time-taking. 

The main aim of the therapeutic communication study is to define and clarify the important concepts as it is included in the nursing curriculum with more details.


The Main Aim of the Assignment

As mentioned above, therapeutic communication is considered to be one of the most complex subjects in the nursing curriculum, so, students are usually bored to complete this assignment. However, the assignment given by the professors to the students about therapeutic communication is to give the opportunity to have practical knowledge and have critical thinking skills as well. Students’ skills, understanding of the subject are evaluated by the professors and later on judged to know about how you’re going to face real-world situations.


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Walker and Avant's Analysis Report Includes Eight Different Steps. These include:

  1. Selection of a concept.
  2. To determine the aim of the analysis.
  3. To identify all the possible uses of the concept in nursing.
  4. To determine the concept of defining attributes.
  5. To identify the model case.
  6. To identify a borderline and a negative case.
  7. To identify antecedents and consequences of the concept.
  8. To define empirical referents of the concept.

These are some of the steps which were/are carried out during the analysis in the therapeutic analysis by Walker and Avant in the 2007 study. 


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