Questions You Have To Be Familiarize With To Have a Successful Market Research Defense
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There are a lot of things riding in a success of a market research thesis defense. In this article, we will be providing you with the commonly asked questions during defense and how to effectively answer each question to help you successfully defend your thesis in market research

There is no doubt how important a thesis defense is to every Marketing graduating student. May it is for an undergrad, masters, or doctorate degree, the level of stress and anxiety that goes with a thesis defense sure has a big impact on the student who's presenting his or her research.

As such, every student who will be undergoing a thesis defense, do whatever they can make sure that they will do well during the actual defense. From practicing the presentation, reviewing their research time and time again, up to anticipating what questions will come up during the defense, every student tries to make sure that their defense will go as smoothly as possible.

But let’s be honest, among all these preparations, anticipating what questions will be asked sure is the hardest to deal with. So to help you lessen the burden in your upcoming thesis defense, here are some commonly asked questions that may appear during your thesis defense and how to answer them?

First is “What is your study about and why did you choose this?”  The main point of your answer should be what and the why of your research. Try to concisely articulate its importance to further justify your answer.

Next is, ”How did your research question evolve during the research process?”  By providing a narrative of how your research may have evolved throughout the conducting of the study and pinpointing which parts of the research made it evolve, will you be able to justify your answer. You can further it by providing more details as to the nature of your research.

To follow that is, “How did you design your study and why did you take this approach?” You need to explain how the existing research informed your methodology choice. By clearly articulating what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and why, you will be able to justify every methodological choice you made.

Along with that question would be, “What are the main shortcomings and limitations of your design?”  Consider both the practical and theoretical limitations when before answering this question even if it means highlighting the weaknesses of your research design.

Another question would be, “How did your findings relate to the existing literature?” It is quite common for findings to contrast with existing research. Discussing the potential reasons why your findings may contrast against the literature can have a positive impact in your defense.

The next comes, “What we’re your key findings in relation to the research question?” By staying true to the findings that directly address your research question, you will be able to directly answer the question.

Inline with that is the question “Were there any findings that surprised you?” You can discuss any interesting data points or observations that arose as well as the findings that weren’t related to the research questions which you think are worth mentioning.

After that question would be, “What biases may exist in your research?” Start familiarizing yourself with many biases that can have an impact on your research. You can prepare a list of all these potential biases and your mitigation responses for each bias

Lastly, “How can your findings are put into practice?” Revisit your introduction chapter to align the practical contribution to your findings. You also need to clearly distinguish between the practical and theoretical contributions of your research to further justify your answer.

Bear in mind that these questions may or may not come up during your thesis defense. Try to be in your best condition during the defense and always maintain level-headed whatever questions may pop up. So good luck and happy thesis defense!

Author(s): Jeremiah Smith
Published at: 02 Aug 2021 09:56 GMT
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