Top Reasons for Buying a Cold Press Juicer
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Many people don’t enjoy fruits in their original form but when it comes to fruit juices, there is hardly anyone who can say no to it. Even if you do like fruits, it’s hard to consume a large amount of it in one go. In fruit juices, however, you can pack the healthy nutrients from a large number of fruits and vegetables in a single glass. Imagine getting all the essential nutrients while enjoying a delicious drink. Juicing makes healthy living simpler than anything else.

When we say fruit juices, we don’t mean the package juices you get at a store. These packaged drinks only contain a small fraction of real fruit and the rest is just unhealthy additives like sugar. By fruit juices we mean the healthy homemade juices you extract via a juicer since they are 100% fruits and vegetables and do not contain any additives. To extract juices, you will need a good juicer and there is nothing better than a cold press juicer.

Since there are so many varieties of juicers available in the market there must be a good reason for putting these cold pressed varieties above all others. There isn’t one good reason for their popularity but many. For starters, they use augers rotating at very slow speeds to squeeze the fruit so that the heat produced during this process is minimal. This is also the reason why these juicers also go by the name of slow juicers. The older models of juicers like the centrifugal juicer would spin the blades very fast which would result in production of excessive heat and would oxidize the drink reducing its shelf life. The heat would also destroy most of the nutrients in the drink.

The slow squeezing action of the cold press juicer slowly squeezes out the juice to ensure that all the good flavors and nutrients are left unharmed. While doing so it also makes sure that the entire juice is squeezed out of the fruit and/or vegetable and the pulp left is almost completely dry. This means that the juice extracted through a cold press juicer is much greater in volume than that extracted through the older models of juicers. The older models extract the juice very quickly and in doing so they leave out a lot of liquid in the pulp which goes to waste. So in the long run, a cold press juicer will be saving you lots of money by making greater volumes of cold press juice check out by using smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Another reason for using cold press juicers is that they work well with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and even leafy greens and wheatgrass. This means that with these new juicers you will be enjoying a wide variety of juices using different combinations of ingredients. The traditional juicers weren’t so versatile and would surrender in the face of many vegetables and leafy greens. With cold pressed varieties, you will hardly find anything that it refuses to juice out.

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Published at: 14 Jul 2021 18:54 GMT
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