Everything You Need to Interpret IQ Score
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Intelligence quotient exams are essential in many ways. According to studies, those exams have been there for about a century. The IQ test has been used to determine the child’s ability at a young age. With the help of an intelligence quotient exam, one can tell about her child’s abilities.  Many people get the IQ test results and do not know how to interpret those results. In this article, we shall offer you a clear guide to interpreting your IQ results. Also, we shall discuss different IQ score ranges and their meaning. Without further ado, let us embark on our discussion.

Range of IQ score and their meaning

Although there are different intellegence test, most of those tests measure essential abilities like spatial ability, math ability, language ability, logic, learning ability, ability to retain information and much more. Therefore most of the results provided more accurate .also, things such as age, gender and other factors are considered when carrying out the IQ test.



Below are some of the ranges of IQ test and their meaning; they include;

130 and above

The IQ test results ranging from 130 and above is one of the highest intelligence quotients known.  According to statistics, only about 2% of people have such an IQ in the world. That shows that the number of people with such intelligence is very few.

From 120-129

The next range of IQ tests that follows below 130 is the 120-129. People with IQs ranging from 120-129 are considered gifted. That is because most of their cognitive skills are far above the average. In simple terms, we can define that range as a superior IQ. Statistics show that only 10 % of the total population have such an IQ.


People with IQ ranging from 111-119 have above-average intelligence. Also, this group can be referred to as high average IQ. The number of people with such IQis many compared to those with IQ above that range.


Do you have an IQ ranging from 90-109? Then you need to know that your IQ is above intelligence. Many people lie in this range.  According to a recent study, it was found out that the average IQ lies between 85 -115. A more considerable number of people have this IQ.


Having an IQ of 80-89 is considered as low average intelligence.

Lastly, 70-79 refers to borderline intelligence, while 69 and below are extremely low IQ.

Last word

Therefore having known the different ranges of IQ, you can quickly tell the meaning of your IQ.

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Published at: 07 Jul 2021 11:33 GMT
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