Things to consider when Planning A bathroom remodel
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There are many things that we use for a better life and the bathroom is one of them. A good and luxurious bathroom is a must for a good lifestyle. Many people are not satisfied with there structure of the bathroom and want to change it but remodel of a bathroom takes time and money both. According to a survey of 2018, if you want to remodel a bathroom, it costs you around £19,134 which is a huge amount. So we have to consider every factor before investing our money in to remodelling a bathroom. So if you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom and then here some tips that you have to remember before remodelling.


1.Budget Check

Fix your finance

Firstly you have to check that what is the average budget for remodelling a bathroom in your area. Every bathroom is different and how to remodel a bathroom, is a completely personal choice of a person. The budget of a bathroom depends on the size of the bathroom and on the material that has been used for building it, so before the start, your bathroom remodels fix your budget and ask your area contractors if that budget sufficient and plan your estimated budget by their suggestions. Set a limit to budget and don’t keep your expectation high.


The bathroom is a water home and there are always chances to slip on the floor so it is important to avoid unnecessary slip when you are all set to get out of the bathroom after bath. So you have to use a slipping resistance floor in the bathroom remodelling.

Wall of the bathroom

For the bathroom walls, you can choose tiles and paint. If you prefer tiles over paint then it costs you a little bit expensive than paint. So according to your choice either you can choose tiles or clean fresh paint that keep your wall out of moisture in any season.

Lighting in bathroom

Natural light is better for the bathroom in the day but at the night you can prefer a white LED light that gives you a peaceful white light and you can easily do your makeup in your bathroom in this white light.

2. Plumbing


You have to know what your shower diameter size should be, also what’s the size of the tube drain, generally, Plumbing​​​​​​​ contractor keep the size of the drain is 1.5 inches. But problem is that the smaller size of the drain is a problem creator like it get clogged with hair and shop we must keep the size of drain bigger. Somehow it is expensive but it is worth it.

3. Insurance coverage

When you hire a building ​​​​​​​contractor for your bathroom remodelling then ask the contractor for insurance proof. Fix the start date and final date of work and ask for a written statement. Cover every factor in insurance. Make sure if anything is damaged in material then the owner of the house is not responsible for this damage.

Author(s): Kumar Ramasamy
Published at: 29 Jun 2021 09:07 GMT
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