Istanbul Transportation Guide
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Istanbul Transportation Guide

We are a travel agency that provides private transfers in Istanbul. We planned this blog post to be a transportation guide for Istanbul travelers. We will cover not only the Istanbul case but also the transportation case as a topic. We inspected the transportation topic from a global perspective. We hope that it will be helpful for travelers or people who are going to visit Istanbul.

Let's start with a primary and formal definition.
Transportation is used to move people, animals, and other goods from one place to another.

In our case, Let's assume you decided to visit Turkey. Also, your incredible journey will start in Istanbul. There is three primary transportation medium you can consider. Those are water, air, and land transportation. Those are also called modes of transportation. Let's examine those.


Introduction to Concepts of Transportation

The General Modes of Transportation

The ways of transporting people or goods. All the options below require a different tech stack and environment. Some are for moving people, and some are for goods.

  1. Water Transportation:
  2. Air Transportation
  3. Land Transportation

Other modes differ from the first three modes. Because of the scope, we will only focus on the first three. However, the other mods should be mentioned.

  • Cable Transport: Elevators, Escalators, Ski lifts, etc...
  • Pipeline Transport: Sewage, Gas and Petroleum pipelines.
  • Space Transport: Satellites and Probes ...
  • Human-powered: Walking, Running, Swimming ...
  • Animal-powered: Animals which are used for moving people or goods ...

Istanbul Water Transportation

Water Transportation

Watercraft like sailboats, steamboats, jet boats fall into this category. Most of them use bunker fuel which is a kind of petroleum. It is the slowest transportation mode comparing with the two others. It is very effective, especially in inter-continental good transporting.

Istanbul Air Transportation

Air Transportation

It is another mode of transportation that includes establishments that provide domestic and international passenger and freight services and establishments that operate airports and provide terminal facilities.

  • Fixed-wing Aircraft: Mostly known as airplanes by people who have fixed wings. Also, gliders and early kites belong to this category.
  • Rotary-wing Aircraft: An aircraft with rotary wings or rotor blades. It's also called rotorcraft. Such air vehicles like helicopters belong to this category.

In other words, fixed-wing aircraft are air vehicles that we use for traveling, business, and international trips.

Istanbul Land Transportation

Land Transportation

This mode of transport covers rail transportation, road transportation.

Land transportation may be the most important one. We live in-ground and all the vital and social connections happen upon it. Therefore, all the effects are more visible in the daily life of us. The massive usage also boosts the negative impact on the environment.


Elements of Transportation

There are some transportation elements that we are going to discuss briefly.

The elements of transport are:

  • Infrastructure
  • Vehicles
  • Operation
  • Policy

In this article, we will mostly focus on infrastructure installations through the examples of Turkey, in specific Istanbul.

A Guide to Istanbul Transportation from the Global Perspective

Infrastructure Investments for Istanbul Transportation

Infrastructure is the fixed installations that make it possible to transport. For instance, inland transportation roads have to be done or paved. Even though we do not need a fixed and pre-determined way on water and air, there should be terminal buildings for these transportation modes.
It should be noted that transportation infrastructures are not the things only mentioned above. There are infrastructure installations, such as parking lots, cable transport lines, intercity terminals, etc.

As you know, Istanbul is an extraordinary city that has lands on both European and Asia continents because the Bosporus block transfer on the ground, connecting those two continents requires special and expensive infrastructure solutions.


Air Travel: A New Airport for Istanbul

The new Istanbul airport is serving now. Istanbul's new airport was established on an area of seventy-six point five million square meters.

The first phase of the new airport has an annual capacity of 90 million passengers. When the new Istanbul airport becomes fully functional, it will have 200 million passengers per year and 350 flight destinations. Considering these numbers, the new airport will be the new center of aviation. The new airport terminal took its inspiration from the cultural heritage of Istanbul.

You'll manage your own time here. Passenger information kiosks and robot guides will make your journey more comfortable.

Istanbul Airport to City Transfers

When you land at the new Istanbul airport, you will have three options to go to the city. .. Those are:

You can read Istanbul airport to the city article if you need in-depth analysis.

Turkey Water Transport

Sea Travel: A Country Surrounded by Sea on 3 Sides

However, we are focusing more on traveling topics. For example, cruise ships are also popular vehicles for holidays. There are popular cruise zones in the world, and the Mediterranean is one of them. Because Turkey has very long coasts, there are many popular cruise ports in Turkey. Some of Turkey's cruise ports are Kusadasi, Marmaris, Cesme, Didim, Bodrum and Bozcaada cruise ports.

Istanbul Cruise Port: Galataport Istanbul

Moreover, Istanbul's cruise port will be opened this year. Istanbul cruise port, Galataport Istanbul, will have a 1.2 km coastal length and many food & beverage places with many shops. Istanbul cruise port is expected 7 million visitors every year. More than 3 million cruise travelers are also expected to visit Galataport Istanbul.
Istanbul cruise port is 0 km away from the city center. Its place is very close to many public transportation destinations. If you need a private transfer or a private chauffeur who knows the city well, please don't hesitate to contact Istanbul Galataport Transfer.



Istanbul's Third Bridge

Inter-modal Solutions to Istanbul Transportation

Istanbul's Third Bridge: Motor and Rail Vehicle Options

3 bridges made land transportation possible between the continents.
The newest of those three, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, was opened on 26 August 2016. The bridge was named to honor the Ottoman Empire. The bridge provides railway and highway options. In this manner, connections with motorized and rail vehicle transportation between the continents are accomplished.


Marmaray: Undersea Rail Tunnel of Bosphorus

Marmaray is an intercontinental commuter rail line in Istanbul. It is the first undersea tunnel of Bosphorus that connects two continents. On average, 120.000 passengers use Maramaray every day.

Eurasia Tunnel of Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel: Undersea Road Tunnel of Bosphorus

The Eurasia Tunnel is a road tunnel crossing underneath the Bosphorus strait. It was opened in 2016. Istanbul University recommended the project in the context of the 1997 Transportation Master Plan.
The project reduced the commuting time from 100 mins to 15 mins. Moreover, because the distance between Istanbul's two airports, Istanbul Airport (IST) and Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW), was decreased, the tunnel indirectly contributed to reducing CO2 emissions.


The Great Asian Highway

Asian Highway Network is a megaproject that is being built to improve transport facilities throughout 32 nations.[1] The project is assumed to be nearly 141.000 km through 32 nations. The project's Turkey part is planned to be 5254 km.[2]

Eurasia Tunnel and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge were also built considering the Asian Highway Network known as The Great Asian Highway.

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