ANALYSIS - The impact of online education during COVID-19
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Adapting new things as a student is always difficult. You need to work hard, focus on the change and have to evolve your reading and writink services so that you can stand out in the competition. This new pandemic has caused devastating effects on the lives of people. The life of a student has also gotten affected due to the Covid-19. A student knows that I will face many problems when I will take my online course. Covid-19 has made students move out from their learning zone and have set up an entirely different learning method which they were not used to. 

Although this generation is more Internet savvy there are still many limitations of online learning.  

Lack of Interaction

A student while taking his/her physical class can interact better with the teacher, give answers asked by teachers, and can ask different questions. But when students pay someone to take my exam they get deprived of one-on-one interaction with their teacher and are left with many doubts.




Lack of resources

Lack of resources is one of the biggest issues for many under developing countries. Due to Covide-19 the countries have imposed the lockdown and have started to take my online exam but due to lack of resources, it is becoming difficult for both students and teachers to focus on their specific tasks only. A teacher knows that if I have to take my online course, I must have internet access, an online platform that can provide me with various opportunities to make online teaching easy, and a clear class schedule to follow. 

In the same way, students face many difficulties in online classes, some students cannot afford computing devices on which they can take my online course. Also, many students don’t know how to use these platforms and they face problems with them. 

Time Management Issues

Many students think that I can online class takers later, thinking that I have enough time but time is always short and they must know that time is not enough so they have to prepare themselves and do their everyday work on a daily basis. They have to do assignments on time, give quizzes, make projects, and interact with teachers for a better understanding of the course. They have to prepare themselves with the thought of I will pay someone to take online class and will get A+ grades in it.

Plagiarism Issues

Many students do not study through the whole course and cheat in their online exams. In this way, the students that have studied the whole time and the students who have not studied a bit are getting the same marks. The teacher makes an online exam with the ideology that students will take my online exam and I will check who has studied and who has not. But online examination has changed the concept of UK Essays London and it is becoming difficult for teachers to observe that.

If the online study is to be continued a better solution should be provided to manage things in an easy way.


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Published at: 12 Jun 2021 11:27 GMT
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