The Best Places to Live and Work as an Expat
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The expat life is an appealing one for many people. Aside from the practical aspects of moving overseas, it is also a thrilling experience for many, and is considered something special on a personal level. Many people who have taken the plunge and moved abroad feel a huge sense of personal satisfaction that they have been able to make it work for them, especially if they have been able to do it on their own merit.

There are many expat hotspots all over the world, and the ones you feel most drawn to depend on what you want to get out of the experience of moving overseas. The majority of expats of younger generations want to move abroad for work, as there are often better and more exciting career prospects to be found elsewhere in the world. Some are looking for the perfect place to retire, and others want to find a great place to raise a family. Whatever the driving force for your move, these are some of the best places around the world to live and work as an expat.


One of the best things about moving to China for work is the fact that there are excellent career opportunities and very little competition. If you have decided that the culture of China is one you want to embrace then you will find that the steadily growing economy offers great job security and higher than average salaries. Expats moving to China will also find that the costs of living in China are low, so they have more disposable income than they would living elsewhere.

It is possible to retire comfortably in China with some savings, and there is plenty to occupy your free time if you are not working. Furthermore, those looking to raise a family in China can benefit from some of the best international schools in the world, where they can enjoy an enriching and multicultural educational experience.

Hong Kong

Located in South China, Hong Kong is a thriving city state which has a very large expat population. As well as a booming economy which offers fantastic career prospects, Hong Kong also offers an immersive cultural experience which is a result of its diversity. Here you will find people from all over the world living and working side by side. The property market here is highly competitive, and so you will need an experienced property agent to help you navigate it and find something suitable which meets your budget.

Once you have secured a property in Hong Kong, you will find that the job prospects here are very good, and the growing economy ensures higher levels of job security than can be found in other nations. Jobs in tech and finance are especially lucrative and many positions are open to recent graduates while still offering excellent salary packages and benefits such as medical insurance coverage.

While the costs of accommodation are very high in Hong Kong, the public transportation system is very efficient and cost effective, and it is also quite inexpensive to buy food which helps make the high rental fees more manageable. There is also plenty to do in Hong Kong, with lots of public holidays to enjoy. A large selection of restaurants and street food vendors mean you can easily sample all the delicious foods that the area has to offer, including traditional Chinese food, fusion cuisine, and many other national cuisines.


Consistently voted one of the best and most welcoming places for expats, Canada has a lot to offer those coming to the country to live and work. As with most other locations which are loved by expats, accommodation can be pricey in Canada so it is always best to start your property search early on and to be flexible. Canada is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, and there are hundreds of gorgeous national parks to enjoy in your downtime.

Canada offers fairly standard holiday allocations, so you can expect to have a decent work life balance when developing your career in Canada. International schools and the quality of leisure time in Canada make it a great place to raise a family or to retire.


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Published at: 09 Jun 2021 20:39 GMT
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