An acknowledgement dissertation

An acknowledgement dissertation

An acknowledgement dissertation is a section of your thesis or dissertation where you thank people and institutions that have helped you complete your dissertation well. 

Some of the people you generally acknowledge:

- Your mentor or guide for having helped select the topic that you worked on and for the hours of work that you were able to put in because of the strong levels of encouragement from him.
- The institution where you are doing your degree or diploma for which you are actually submitting your dissertation. You should mention in your acknowledgement dissertation that you are grateful for the opportunity that they have given you to carry out your research work.


- If you have received a grant or some kind of financial help from an institution, this needs to be included in your acknowledgement. This is one way of recognizing the contribution of the funding agency in research and development.

- Your peers and friends who have contributed in no small way by being sounding boards when you needed them. Very often, it is our peers and friends who help us in a brainstorming session. With their input, queries and thoughtful questions, they are able to make you think about the info that you have to put in. Their unbiased questioning could give you the opportunity to rethink your stand on varying issues. This will in turn ensure that you put forward the right thoughts and ideas in your paper. Therefore, it is important that you include this in your acknowledgement dissertation.

- Your dissertation writing cannot be complete without the data that you have taken from various sources. Though you give them credit or make references to them in the right format, it is also necessary to mention the writers collectively. You do not have to mention them one by one, as it would become a very long list. You could say that you have benefitted greatly from the works of writers who have done written and researched extensively on a topic like yours. This would be acknowledgement enough.

- Finally, you need to mention your family. If you have close members who have helped you in any way (financially or emotionally), do mention this.

Since dissertation writing could take up a lot of your time and call for a great deal of intensive study, you could consider the services that writing services offer in the writing field. Samples of acknowledgement dissertation that writing companies have in their dissertation examples could also help you write a very sensitive and complete acknowledgement.

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