Cisco DEVASC 200-901 Exam Learning Path
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Cisco DevNet Associate 200-901 Certification: Start your DevNet Journey Today!

Software skills play an important role in Cisco's network engineering training programs, which is why Cisco has launched a series of training and certification programs around the software-driven network. Through this training you will learn about software design and development, understanding the use of APIs, and application deployment and security on Cisco platforms. This training will ultimately prepare you for the DEVASC 200-901 exam, which allows you to obtain the DevNet Associate certification, the unique gateway to the new Cisco Devnet curriculum.


• Développer et concevoir des logiciels pour les plateformes Cisco
• Comprendre et utiliser les API
• Déployer et sécuriser des applications
• Mettre en place et utiliser des infrastructures
• Maitriser les fondamentaux du réseau


Software development and design

- Use of version control tools in modern software development
- Common processes used in software development
- Modular software organization and construction options

Understanding and using APIs

- Analyze API data formats with Python
- HTTP concepts and their network-based API application
- REST (Representational State Transfer) concepts in development with HTTP APIs

Cisco Platforms and Development

- Cisco platforms and their capabilities
- Programmability on Cisco platforms
- Basic network concepts and simple network topology
- Network applications and tools used to solve problems
- Model-driven programmability to automate common tasks with Python scripts

Application deployment and security

- Common application deployment models and components in the development pipeline
- Building a Dockerfile
- Use Docker commands to manage the local development environment
- Common security issues, types of testing, and how to use containerization for local development

Infrastructure and automation

- Build an infrastructure automation workflow


- Knowledge in software development
- Practical experience with a programming language (Python)
- Good understanding of operating systems
- Internet skills
- Understanding IP addressing


- Software Developer
- Network Engineer
- Network administrator
- Network technician
- Project Manager

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