Tips to Improve Your Existing Resume
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Resumes play a crucial role in your career. While there are several tips and tricks to write new resumes from scratch, few speak of how to improve the existing ones. But if you already have the basic framework in hand, why should you waste your time on writing a new one?

Instead, what you can do is try out some simple tips that can improve your existing document. This can offer you a cutting edge over your competitors and keep you a step ahead in the competition.

So without further ado, let us look at these tips right away:

Optimized Keywords

When it comes to getting shortlisted based on your resume, keywords play a crucial role. Go through your existing resume and check whether it has enough of the keywords that are required for the job posting. If you are coming across the idea of keywords for the first time, figuring out the right set of words may appear to be a little confusing.

But relax! All you have to do is go through the job posting, underlining the main words used for the description. Well, that’s it- you have the keywords ready for your resume enrichment.

Reduce the Clutter

Yes, your resume can get cluttered too! By clutter, what we mean here is unnecessary details, articles such as a, an and the, graphics and so on. Remember the hiring manager usually devotes very sparse time to go through your resume. So when you clutter it with so many unnecessary details and visual distractions, he or she spends even lesser time on the important facts. This reduces the chances of selection up to a great deal.

So the next important step that you must take for your existing resume is to cut down on these unnecessary words, phrases or graphics. You can also check out some additional tips on how to tidy up your resume.

Replace the Objective with Personal Summary

Another way in which your existing resume can be improved is by replacing the objective statement with a personal summary. While objectives were considered an inessential part of the resume earlier, today it has become dated and irrelevant. Employers today like to work with candidates who are not just professionally capable but also personally motivated.

So, adding a personal summary makes you appear as a more rounded character on paper. If you are struggling to create a powerful personal statement, you may even depend on an online resume builder.

Re-Access Your Audience

 To secure a good job, what you need to understand is that your main aim is to impress the hiring manager. So, your resume should not be what you like, but rather what the prospective employer is likely to appreciate. To understand the needs and values of the company better, you can always go beyond the job posting. Go to the internet and search for the company. If possible, go through the profiles of some of the existing employees.

Apart from that proofreading your resume and using a professional-looking font are some of the other ways of improving your resume. We hope with these tips; you can easily improve your resume and ace in the job search race.

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Published at: 08 Dec 2020 12:03 GMT
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