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The disorder of aneurysm is been occurred in individual’s weak point of the arteries where the person can experience disability, permanent brain damage and even in some cases death.

About Aneurysm

A individual is said to be suffering with aneurysm when the arteries carrying oxygen bulges out because of development of weak point in the wall of the arteries. The bulgy part in the outward section of the artery is known as aneurysm. It spills out blood into the surrounding tissue when the aneurysm ruptures out. The most commonly found cerebral aneurysm is berry aneurysm, which can cause a person to death if not diagnosed earliest. Thus, when you arteries bulge out due to weakness in the arterial wall it is said to be experiencing aneurysm.

Occurrence of Aneurysm in the Body

Aneurysm can be seen commonly in the aorta part around the abdomen which is actually the biggest artery of the  body. Individual suffering with abdominal aortic aneurysm experiences intensive severe pain in the lower back region. Around the kidney area, the aorta splits into tow iliac arteries where mostly abdominal aneurysm occurs. The other aneurysm problem that is seen to develop in individuals is Thoracic aneurysm just between the heart area and diaphragm. It is not commonly found but only is certain rare cases.

Risk of Aneurysm

The development of aneurysm can be dangerous for individuals because if the bulge formed in the blood vessel burst off it can be fatal for the health of that person and can even lead to death. Even in certain conditions, the person may suffer from infection and blockages in the blood stream.

Chances of getting Aneurysm

The occurrence of aneurysm truly depends on the medical history of the individual and its genetic disposition. In is been observed in various study that men are five times more likely to suffer from aneurysm than women who may develop it once they reach 60 years. In addition, men above the age of 60 years are five times more vulnerable to experience abdominal aortic aneurysm.

 Causes of Aneurysm

Treatments for Aneurysm

Individuals suffering with aneurysm are been recommended with surgery to treat the problem once diagnosed after an ultrasound examination. This is because the rupture of the aneurysm is not very common under five cm wide and hence surgery is used for aneurysms over six cm and above. The second option available for such individuals is “stent.” It is a device that is been installed in the affected artery, which defends the aneurysm from the rest of the blood flow. Thus eventually, it gets reduced in size.

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