Can UVC gemicidal light kill the CoVID-19 virus?

For more than a decade, until 1995, 90 percent of the World’s UVC quartz lamps were designed and manufactured under my supervision and signatures. I have also produced medium pressure UV lamps, Low pressure UVB lamps and many kinds of UVA lamps etc etc.
I do have the advanced schooling and specialized training in all kinds of lamps with many International companies.(almost 50 years in this field).

I currently own a company where we produce UV C lamps. Some of the US rivers and waters of many cities have been cleaned with our tubes.

Certainly my lamps CAN kill Corona virus. But the virus must be exposed to the radiation of these lamps. If the virus is in the air, we need different kind of lamps. If they are hiding in nooks and corners, we need a different kind of lamp- and if they are on the surface, spread out- we need a different kind of device.

Many UV devices being sold have insufficient irradiance, and the devices DO NOT guarantee that the ENTIRE virus on the subject will be exposed to the lamp radiation. Unless and Until I could guarantee 100 or 99 percentile destruction of the virus, the device can not be responsibly marketed- or we may have exposure to legal law suits.

I have not received a warm welcome from any US agencies to testing these devices - for a scientific and proven test. Testing against Corona virus is beyond our capability and can not be undertaken by small companies without the help of these Federal agencies.

But yes the appropriate UV lamps made by us have the capabilities to eliminate the capacity of the virus to multiply ( even if they are wrapped in protein).

This is the most frequently asked question when people considering buying UVC germicidal light.

So far there is no lab test prove that the UVC Germicidal light can kill(inactivate) the COVID-19, but I still believe UVC Germicidal light can do so, here is why.

1st, COVID-19 is an RNA virus, the UVC Germicidal light was proved for more than 40 years can inactivate the RNA of the virus to stop them reproduce. So in theory, COVID-19 will be inactivated when exposed enough dose of UVC irradiation.

The below table is posted by UVDI, it shows how much doses it needs for a 90% reduction of Coronavirus.

2nd, there are lots of cases around the world, hospital, clinic or public transportation were equipped with UVC devices to do the disinfection cleaning COVID-19 viruses.

An employee disinfects a Johannesburg, South Africa, hospital with a robot that emits ultraviolet light.

Hundreds of these ultraviolet disinfection robots are being shipped to China to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.

A bus in Shanghai is disinfected with ultraviolet rays as part of an effort to quell the spread of COVID-19.

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Author(s): Kristi Canto
Published at: 06 Oct 2020 08:32 GMT
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