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Drama is a writing genre that features romance, thrill, and suspense. The readers will notice that all the events and happenings are built around the plot with a neatly woven storyline. Travel literature speaks with the readers and gives comprehensive details about different lands or sometimes focuses on the history of a country or place. The adventure stories are mostly combined with philosophical works, so it is very entertaining for every reader if you like both these genres. Don't forget to check out travel literature and drama Shapero and First edition books

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Ends and Odds

Beckett Samuel writes ends and Odds, and the story revolves around classmates. They all compete with each other to get the best of exam results. It the perfect combination of drama and suspense, and all the characters are written very well too. Most of the people have loved the ending of the book, and they have given good reviews for it. The stories as well as characters are innovative and creative and it is possible that you read the book in one go.


You will notice that Samuel writes most of the books in the drama genre, and it seems that it has mastered this theme quite well. There are a lot of stories revealed by the narrator. The happenings which he saw during his childhood are an essential part of the 19th and 20th centuries. The book covers some of the topics from literature and history so the readers will like it.

All that Fall

All that fall is another exciting novel that features the drama genre. It revolves the story of Grace as she struggles to change her lifestyle after moving in with her rich Grandfather. She gets into an encounter with the man who has killed his mother, and it is up to her decision how she decides to punish him, or whether she leaves him for good.

The entertainer

The entertainer is a highly acclaimed play written by Osborne John. It is an autobiographical play, and the angry young men of this generation have been portrayed with real touch. The characters have their shades, and the readers will instantly attach to them. The actors who have acted for the play are incredibly talented. At the same time, it has an appeal like no other. Some people don't like autobiographies much, but this book is different from the usual ones.

The family reunion

Eliot, T.S writes the family reunion, and it is a modern verse play that is easy to understand and read. It revolves around the guild of a person and how he deals with it to become a better human being. The repentance of sins makes him a better man, and he accepts all his responsibilities quite well. The author has tried to combine two essential genres: drama and poetry, and we must say that the outcome has been dynamic.

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Malone Dies

Malone Dies has been written and illustrated by Samuel. The book has been translated from the French version Malone Meurt. All the characters in the book are unique, and once you start reading, you will fall in love with it. The book revolves around Malone's character, and he lies inside the bed of an asylum or hospital, which he is not ready to recognize. The personal effects of the story are taken from the writer himself, and he also writes from his childhood perspective. The blend of his real thoughts and emotions that are published within the story is quite profound.

Look back in Anger

Look back in Anger is written by one of the topmost writers named John Osborne. The book has a strong plot that features the love triangle between an intelligent man and his upper-middle-class life. She has a good friend named Helena Charles, and how the love triangle shapes up is quite different from what we usually read in the books. The play, adapted from this storyline was a huge success, and everyone loved to watch it. There is harshness in realism, but the fictional part of the book is also innovative and catchy at the same time.

Between the woods and the water

Between the woods and the water comes under the category of travel literature. It is written by the acclaimed author Patrick Leigh. The book covers the exciting journey of the writer himself, who was 18 years old and traveling across Europe on foot. It covers the exact journey taken by the author from Lowlands to Hungary. He went on a trip to explore different happenings around the continent. Patrick has always appreciated his lyrical writing, which is quite different from what we see in other novels. You can witness all the dramatic events that will unfold in Middle Europe, and it will feel like you are living the entire journey yourself.

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