Online Dating For Widows – when is the right time?
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Dating a widower that had a long healthy relationship can be intimidating for any potential date. 

They might feel that they will always be compared to the husband or wife that has passed away. As a widower, you may have additional obstacles in addition to the normal dating difficulties. There are a few things you can do to ensure a better success rate and make the experience better for you and you potential date.

1) Search Specifically for Divorcees and Widows

- You might seek out people that are divorced or widowed, as they might be able to relate better to your situation. They will have difficult issues in their past relationships, just as you will. You can help each other through the process of greiving your old relationships, while you learn about each other and create a new one.

2) Create an accurate profile – Creating a dating profile is one of the most important parts of the online dating experience. It is what draws people to you and informs people of your life story. You shouldn’t shy away from telling people that you were widowed, as an honest life story will tend to draw people to you.

Dating Sites Specifically for Widows

Believe it or not there are dating sites set up specifically to serve widows. This may be helpful in order to meet people who are struggling with the same issues as well as to find new romantic connections. It might make you feel more comfortable to date someone who is a widow and can relate to what you are going through.

These widow specific dating sites include:



3) Loveawake

Major Dating sites or Small Sites Created Specifically For Widows?

Even though connecting with other widow can be helpful, the dating sites set up for this purpose might not offer you the best experience. Widow ONLY dating sites tend to be a very small niche group.

The userbases will be very small and odds that you will find an active user that fits the criteria of what you want in a significant other will be slim. Many of these people will be far outside of your local area, and the profiles may be out of date or non-responsive.

The large dating sites like Loveawake or eHarmony will serve widows just as well as widow-specific sites, but will have many more active members. EHarmony matches singles based on an extensive personality profile, so odds are that you will find a good connection with the other person in spite of this.

More Tips About Your Profile

It is important to be honest about what has happened to you, when you create a profile. An honest, accurate profile will let people understand you, your situation, in addition to any characteristics that might describe you.

Recently, a study was done to assess the impact that online dating had on widows and people that are divorced. This study showed that creating a dating profile which explained the back story of what happened to their old relationship and their goals of a future relationship, served to be helpful in the grieving process. The profiles helped them articulate how they were feeling about their losses, and also served to help them define new goals for their future.

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Published at: 18 Aug 2020 14:49 GMT
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