Should I let him Win?
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Good day from Loveawake. 

As we pack up for our camping trip this weekend a few thoughts come to mind. This is not a political BLOG per se, but we want you to know what's been bothering us. (Don't worry, we'll get to the question of the day in a second.)

How come no one is talking about Farrah Fawcett??!!

We certainly are Michael Jackson fans and are sad to see him pass. In our minds, he was probably the greatest pop artist of all time. Of course he was also one of the strangest pop artists of all time. And that's being nice about it.

But Farrah was an icon too! And she's hardly even on the news! She was every guys dream girl. She was sweet, smart and just incredibly HOT! What guy didn't tune in to watch "Charlie's Angels" every week? OR have that famous poster on their wall? She made being sexy look so natural and easy. When she flashed her smile it melted us. And that hair!! That was every hairdressers task, to capture the Farrah look for women around the world.

Her battle with breast cancer was kept secret for a long time, but when it became public, it was clear she had millions of people rooting for her and praying for her. We were part of that group. So we take this time to give thanks to Farrah for all that she did for us. She still holds a prominent place in our hearts and on our walls. May she rest in peace.

So on to the question of the day.

What is it about winning? Or should we say, losing?! We know it's not easy for anyone to taste dirt and smile, but come on!  Read below and see where you stand.

And tomorrow we'll be posting THE GUYS "Ode to Summer."

ear Guys,

My new boyfriend I met on your site told me he played tennis. So we played. I didn’t tell him that I played in high school. He wanted to play some games. I beat him pretty badly. Afterwards he was sulking a bit. It was kind of annoying. He’s very interesting and has a lot of good qualities. Should I let him win next time? I honestly don’t want to, but I do like him and want to keep the harmony.

Kathy, Florida

Dear Kathy,

Are you kidding??

NO!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Not!! Don't let him win!! No vote was needed on this one.

If this “guy” has so fragile an ego that he can’t lose a tennis match to you fair and square, well….enough said.

All of us would welcome a sound beating from a worthy competitor. (No, not in that way) We don’t like to lose, but that doesn’t make us any different from anyone else with any kind of competitive bent, man or woman. No one really LIKES to lose. Some people just deal with it better. This guy obviously is not one of those people. And in some twisted way, he'll probably respect you less if you start letting him win or conceding in other ways.

So we say, don’t let up. Keep pounding those groundstrokes. If he can’t take it, we’re sure another guy would love to give it a go.

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Author(s): James Carter
Published at: 18 Aug 2020 14:40 GMT
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