How To Write Compare & Contrast Essay?
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If you’re a university student then you might have any idea that these essays are very customary in university and colleges. In this article, you’ll learn how to write compare and contrast essays to get high grades by taking help from an expert essay writer


A compare and contrast essay is tailored to study the connection between two different ideas, theories, and concepts. Comparing focuses on the similarities between the two while contrasting points out the differences. 



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Structure Your Compare & Contrast Essay


To structure your compare and contrast write my essay, you need to consider the following points.





Introduce both of your concepts or ideas that you want to compare. Write a brief description of the background of both the concepts. Whenever, you write an introduction, keep this in mind that you’re making a ground or base of your content. If your audience will not understand your topic at this stage than it’ll be tough for them to understand it later.





The thesis statement is based on your perspective of the two theories. Are the theories more homogenous or different from the expected level?





Each paragraph of this phase will elaborate on different focal points or you can say that each paragraph is assigned to one key point. It’s up to you that how you start your free essay writer such as by comparing or by contrast. Just remember that every point should be supported by proper research.





You will summarize all the content that you’ve read so far. Sum up all your main or key points and give your persuasion and support your statement with relevant examples and evidence. 


How To Write Compare And Contrast Essay?


Research your topics carefully and make notes of the similarities and differences that you find. Do they affect your paper? State how? Note down the things that are new to you.


By using your research that you’ve done so far. Come up with a good and strong thesis statement.


Write your essay outline using the above-mentioned structure. Note down all the key points that you should include in your college essay. Do not think about the editing of the material at this stage.


Start writing your essay using your essay outline and researched data.


After finish writing your essay. Read it like 2-3 times to make sure that you’ve not made any mistake and if you find any, re-write your content. 


If you’ve not found any good topic for writing a compare and contrast essay then you just need to scroll down this page.


Here is the list of some brilliant compare and contrast essay topics.


  1. Earth & Mars- Facts and Fictions
  2. Chemistry vs Biology
  3. The literature of past vs present
  4. Which is more disastrous? Earthquake or Twister?
  5. Marxism vs Capitalism
  6. The first mission to the moon vs the second
  7. Living in fiction and non-fiction- pros and cons
  8. Free softwares vs Paid
  9. American cinematography vs European
  10. Traditional mails vs emails
  11. Conventional classes vs virtual
  12. Online games vs practical games- pros and cons
  13. Youtube poems for learning vs traditional poems in class
  14.  Popular web series vs traditional tv series
  15. Why teachers prefer reading books?

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