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Persona Card - Learning Design


Name: Mary O' Sullivan

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Lives in Sligo with her husband and two sons. Likes hiking and reading crime novels.

Education and experience

 Leaving certificate and Fetac Level 6 childcare qualification, works in a preschool

Role and responsibilities

 Preschool teacher, parent

Technical skills


Subject domain skills and knowledge

 Childcare, early childhood development

Motivation and desires

 Personal  and professional development, would like to study child psychology

Goals and expectations

 To complete the 5 week MOOC and then to enrol in a part time psychology degree

Obstacles to their success

 Time, break in education

Unique assets

 Practical hands on experience with children


Author(s): James Brunton, eamon, Yishay Mor, Orna
Published at: 04 May 2016 20:21 GMT
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