Teaching online
There is no license.

The current situation (context)

The project will take place in Open Education, NIDL, DCU.

The main actors are tutors who teach on several online undergraduate degrees and the programme teams which run the courses. The aim of the course would be to develop the tutors teaching practice in the online environment and to develop their assessment and teaching and learning practice.

The change you would like to see (challenge)

I hope to achieve an online course which would enhance tutors online teaching skills. Attendance and engagement at tutorials by students and tutors would be better.

How you might go about bringing that change (solution)

Discovery learning, experiential learning, 

Measures of success (evaluation)

Feedback from students and tutors

Evidence from tutor online teaching 

Author(s): Yishay Mor, Orna
Published at: 04 May 2016 22:07 GMT
Original link (login required): https://ilde.upf.edu/moocs/pg/lds/view/4299/