MOOC-Get ready for Success- Ornas version
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The current situation (context)

Open Education, NIDL, DCU. Project will take place in Ireland. 

Get Ready for Success MOOC aims to support flexible/off campus learners with their tranistion into higher education studies.

The change you would like to see (challenge)

We hope to create a MOOC which will support flexible learners tranistion to higher education. If we succeed, flexible learner retention and progression at third level will be improved. Student numbers for flexible courses will be increased

How you might go about bringing that change (solution)

Discovery learning, self regulated learning, experiential learning.

The student success tools-series of interactive self assessment quizzes

Discussion forums


Measures of success (evaluation)

Improved flexible learner retention and progression

Increased student numbers

Author(s): James Brunton, eamon, Yishay Mor, Orna
Published at: 04 May 2016 22:02 GMT
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