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The current situation (context)

We are operating in the classroom where the pupils are between 10-12. The teachers are very important to our project because they are the ones we are designing for. Still we need to see how the setup we bring into the context work so we are also interested in observing the behavior among the children. Watch our movie for more details.


The change you would like to see (challenge)

We hope to see that the teachers are not anxious to use technologies that they don´t know in advance. We would like them to see the opportunies when using technologies even though they will probably loose control. Furthermore we would like then to take advantage of the skills and knowledge that the pupils already have.

Among the children we hope to see collaboration and experimentation. 


How you might go about bringing that change (solution)

We are the facilitators on the project and the teacher participate alongside the pupils - even though they have a more reflective part. We want them to reflect and externalize their thoughts while participating. We are using Makey Makey and the 3d designing tool, Tinkercad and are testing the technologies with the children ourselves to see how they approach them. We are also bringing lots of different physical materials such a cardboards, boxes, litter, board games etc. At this point there is no final goal.


Measures of success (evaluation)

If the teachers recognize some potentials in what we bring to the context and that they dare to try even though they are not experts. 

Author(s): Ceciliecopeland, ida franck, KatrineLoeth, Helene Pedersen
Published at: 26 Apr 2016 07:41 GMT
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