Global Fokus- Personas and Empathy Map
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Kirsten thinks that she has a huge responsibility. She works with children with special needs and it is a huge assignment to make sure that she acknowledge everyone during the day.


Kirsten mainly feels happy about her job, but she also feels tired often. She can feel charged with energy and happy when she wakes up and heads for work, but during the day she can feel like she loses focus because of all of of the extra unpredicted assignments she needs to take care of. Kirsten feels tired because she feels like she lacks time, but she also feels happy and satisfied when she feels the students are inspired and caught up in the teaching.





Kirsten hears about the things that happens in the student's home. She hears her colleague talk about all the things they can’t finish in time and the school’s lack of resources.







She sees her pupils being frustrated and unable to learn because of the lack of resources. She sees her worn out classroom, with an often dysfunctional projector / smartboard.



She says please help me with my challenges with the non-included pupils.

Can someone help me with a content for my classes that can upgrade my social inclusion?




She tries to help the pupils in all possible ways. She gives her lunchbox to the pupil that forgot it at home. She gives prescribed medicine to the most hyperactive pupils.




Kirsten has high blood pressure, headache and sometimes stomach issues. Her doctor tells her those symptoms are stress-related.



Kirsten feels like all of her sacrifices are for the greater good, when she can tell how her classes help children with special needs learn and develop. When the children happily tell her how inspired they are by the classes, she feels professionally complete.



Author(s): Kasper Arvin
Published at: 25 Apr 2016 18:16 GMT
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