Vicarious learning
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Design Pattern: Vicarious learning


Make your learning and teaching visible to motivate others and help build their metacognitive skills. 


Vicarious learning / Visible learning


It is not stratightforward to see where learning is taking place. Often this is a highly personal experience and we use proxy indicators to demonstrate that learning has taken place after the event.



Watching others learn and achieve their goals is a strong motivator to others.



- We often only see one perspective, ours. How do we allow others to be free to take a persepctive without looking through our eyes?

- Watching other being taught and by implication learning



Therefore record and make visible your teaching sessions in a way that is as holistic as possible. Let the viewer take away the elements that they feel are useful to them.


Include videao of teaching sessions


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Author(s): Steven Warburton
Published at: 30 Mar 2016 12:15 GMT
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