transition matrix


Three months after the course, your student is telling a friend about how their life has changed as a result of taking it:

“Before the course I was [initial position], now I [target position]. It was hard, because [barriers]. Luckily I had [assets] to help me through.”

1. Before I was..

3. Assets

What are the resources that the learner can draw on in her journey? 

- Rachel is lonely sometimes and found a new friend through the online course. 



2. Now I am..

-not knowing that i have these rights. I have told my friends about it. I also met a new friend online in my class. We are sending each other emails about Raif Badawi.




talking about human rights in our monthy cafeteria meeting. We now better understand why it is dangerous to put away the Human Rights Act. I recently signed a petition for Raif Badawi too. His case is outrageous! We will join the next protest for him to demand his rights.




4. Barriers

What are the issues that stand between your learner and her success?

It was very difficult to understand the interactive part of the online course.

Some things dont work well.



Provide measurable indicators.

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Provide measurable indicators.

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Author(s): Barbara, Cristina, Emilie, Kieran Clifford - AI Ireland, Mazen, Yishay Mor, RobertFellner
Published at: 19 Jun 2015 11:18 GMT
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