Scaffolded MOOC

Design Pattern: Scaffolded MOOC


Avoid reinventing content by spending time to aggregate, evaluate and contextualise open educational resources.

Name: Scaffolded MOOC


A lot of content already exists on the subject matter. A lot of this is from the 'global North', and time constraints mean that more time should be put into the aggregation, evaluation and contextualisation of content than originating new content. 



TESS-India project is helping to support teachers in India in making changes in their practice. India needs 1.33 million teachers, 75% of teacher ed. colleges in Bihar (one of the seven states the project is working in) did no training between 2007-2010.Teacher educators in India are a key target audience in achieving the project goals. Teacher educators we will be focussing on for this are based in DIETs (District Institute for Education and Training) so work with primary teachers. Course content will be relevant to teacher educators across India and globally.

Some teacher educators will be targeted by employers to take part in the MOOC so their drivers will be different.


Utilise already existing content (OER) to deliver the learning outcomes. Contextualisation will be delivered through scaffolding and support mechanisms.





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Author(s): Yishay Mor, Steven Warburton
Published at: 08 Feb 2015 16:44 GMT
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