Engendering Team Work in the MOOC Production Team

Design Pattern: Team work


Build, plan and structure the team to ensure successful MOOC development and delivery.




Engendering Team Work (in the MOOC Production Team)



Building a successful MOOC is a team effort, it requires more than just one person and more than one expertise. Teaching the 'MOOC team' to work collaboratively needs a plan that will gather every party involved - academics, MOOC learning design team, librarian (for copyright clearance), media production team, legal services - all with a clear content and delivery strategy.



New teaching platform: online, away from traditional lecturing, requirement for high quality, engaging video content, academics not used to deliver such quality content, reputation tool more than student conversion, aimed at people with teenage children, teachers themselves, tell people about my univeristy.



Collaborative approach, co-creation

Take into account each party

Make sure there is a plan, a fully populated plan inclusive of all parties



Editorial committee with all parties that meet initially and work out the plan, meeting each week agily assessing the plan, adjusting the strategy. BE FLEXIBLE: what we delivered never necessarily is what initially planned but works out well.

Requirements: agree on the editorial content, get material and full cooperaton from the academics, train the video team how to make academics come accross well, train them to deliver the content we need, academics should not be just talking heads, create a professional comfort zone for academics to express their personality.


Asset register: ie deal with copyrights issues, everything has to be license cleared i.e. open: challenge as a lot of our content is not copyright cleared. "open access"

(Other people that may be in the team at a later stage include Marketing and QA)



 See the design narrative - "Planning - and keeping to the plan"

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Author(s): Yishay Mor, Steven Warburton
Published at: 19 Jun 2015 08:18 GMT
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