Managing at Scale LDS
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Managing at scale.


We are starting with a small range of OOC offerings that are not in the "massive" scale. This is a reasoned decision - and is largely due to a focus on the the PGT market/students. This is currently manageable - it needs to be as this work could be classified as "extra" duties ... at the moment?


Managing at scale - if we expand the range i.e. number of course and potentially the numbers that we currently have to manage how we we do this when there are always going to be limited resources. Often the develelopment of MOOCs is on top of staff day to day jobs. The connections between the required multi-skilled teams are often not in place and need to be recognised, managed and maintained.

Patterns to use

Engendering teamwork.

Proposed Solution

Define clear goals and success criteria. Relate these to your University mission statement and values.

Decide on your [M]OOC approach - cMOOC; xMOOC; pMOOC

Are all stakeholders engaged. How and when should they be communicated with.

Decide what you will measure to know you are successful.

Are there adequate rewards and recognition in place for staff.

Use a project management technique to look after progress.



Author(s): Steven Warburton
Published at: 09 Jul 2014 15:30 GMT
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