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Teaching Craft Skills online


Transmitting skills that are not available in the geographic location you are in. Assumption is that the learner has basic materials, and is alone. The point is to raise their awareness and skills level to an extent they are enthused to go on to face to face practice, having understood a foundation of tactile usage to progress much quicker when they do eventually get in front of a real tutor.


We need to teach practical skills to a certain level on line.  Eg: cpr training, sculpting, animating, carving! 

how? which tools to use? which fields have experience? How to transmit sensual and tactile information? The repitition and iteration needed to achieve proficiency.

how we synthesise information and media from different sources to build a wholistic picture in our minds of what it is like to carve or sculpt.

Patterns to use: 

Its a kind of flipped methodology

Chatflow? feedback from the crowd as you practice.

Drumbeat- tutor comments on photographic evidence of your sculture

Proposed Solution

haptics? simulation?



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Published at: 09 Jul 2014 15:20 GMT
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