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Name: Bring them along

Use pre-introductory materials and pointers to help baseline your leaners and increase course engagement.



We want as many people as possible to stay on our courses and be able to enagage with the materials that we have spent s long preparing. With an open course delivery the diversity of levels i.e. partipcant's previous knowledge is
likely to be wide and variable. How do you pitch a course at the right level to avoid losing people quickly. What can you do to bring along as many people as possible on the journey?



For an introductory course it is relatively easy as you are starting with the basics but as soon as you move beyond this and attempt something at for example Masters level then the expectations or demands on prior knowledge are far more demanding.


Provide pre-introductory materials that lead into the main content delivery. Provide micro-foundation course type snipets with pointers throughout the course to offer scaffolds forthe more difficult material. Consider detailing the threshold concepts and making these explicit in the course.



For an MSc in Systems Biology we have considered the use of a glossary, 5 minute pre-lecture speed roundups and the use of concept mapping to help show the interelations within the knowledge areas under study within the particular discipline -> this provides a mechanism for helping to identlfy the threshold concepts.


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