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Methodology Design Narrative Template

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  1. Situation

 Delivery of 'MUVEnation' - a proto-MOOC (2008/9) -  a fully online programme for teachers exploring the potential use of virtual worlds in learning and teaching. Open call for particpation revealed huge and unexpected interest in the course. A decision needed to be made about which or what kind of digital platform/s we used to deliver the programme. We had polarised poisitons within the project team between the use of a VLE as the core platform versus an open distributed solution using a suite of social software tools ... blogs, wikis etc.



  1. Task

What digital platform/s should we used to deliver the programme succesfully - from a user, tutor, administration and cost perspective.



  1. Actions (How did you try to address the issue?)


 Team meeting.

Activity goal(s) or intended outcome (“X”)

 Choice of digital platform/s.


Activity title & description


Activity materials

Face-2-face meeeting - use of a whiteboard and Internet.


The “how” (steps A, B, C, that lead to Y or the activity outcomes)


Discussion from two positions: pro VLE and pro social software suite.


Activity outcomes (“Y”) (positive)




 VLE (Moodle) chosen as the core digtal platform. 


  1. Reflection

Having a centralised platform worked extremely well: in the sense of orientation for the particpants and for the management of the course by the tutors. Compromise was achieved by plugging in a series of social software elements. On reflection these were only used by a few participants and were difficult to integrate and maintain in the flow of the programme. VLE acted as a management system to track users which was valuable for then being able to award a certificate of completion. Participant expectations were met in by the use of a familiar environment which meant that advanced digital literacies were not required. By using a VLE the threshold to participation was kept low. Moodle was the choice due to system availability and cost.



Author(s): Steven Warburton
Published at: 28 May 2014 11:43 GMT
Original link (login required): https://ilde.upf.edu/moocs/pg/lds/view/930/