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Design Pattern


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Design patterns are intended to be used as part of a pattern language, as an infrastructure for design-level conversation. As such, the name of a pattern should be amenable for use as a noun in such a conversation. It should be short, memorable and indicative of the big idea of the pattern.

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The problem description provides a clear and succinct presentation of the motivation for the pattern, its raison d'être.

The educational research literature tends to shy away from the term “problem”, as it may suggest a negative attitude. In the design literature, and specifically the computer science tradition, problems are seen as opportunities for action. From a design perspective, where there is no problem, nothing needs to be changed, no act of design is required and consequently there are no questions for research.

In either case – explain what this pattern aims to achieve.

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A fundamental premise of design is that problems and solutions are rarely universal. The scope of any statement needs to be qualified if it is to be meaningful. Note the material, social and intentional characteristics of the setting in which the problem is embedded. These are the things you can’t change.


The solution is the centrepiece of the pattern. In scientific terms, it is the claim that under certain conditions the described actions will have a particular effect which addresses the problem.

The solution would ideally be articulated at a level of detail which allows immediate implementation, and yet is applicable beyond the specific experiences from which it is derived.



Justify the pattern by reference to data from cases where it appears to have had a positive effect. These would primarily be derived from the design experiment at hand and supplemented by external documented cases.


Data and References


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