Mobile for development MOOC (participant)

Methodology Design Narrative Template

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  1. Situation

Participant in a MOOC on Mobiles for Development ( ) delivered by the Commonwelath of Learning and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Kanpur. Context; currently working on a teacher education program in India ( ). Primary role is looking at the technical implmentation of the program where appropriate. Part of this is potentially using mobile as means for increasing reach and effectivness.  



  1. Task

Personal: to develop understanding of discourse relating to the use of mobile in a development context and assesss appropritness for current project.

Week one of the MOOC: Setting the scence. Understadning the context. Mainly watching video lectires and reflect upon some of the points.



  1. Actions (How did you try to address the issue?)


 View videos

Activity goal(s) or intended outcome (“X”)

 To undrestand the use of mobile in a development context


Activity title & description

 Lectures on the following subjects

·         Introduction to Week 1

·         Mobiles for Development - The Context

·         Architecting for Mobiles

·         Overview Mobile Learning

·         Overview Mobile Banking

·         Mobiles in Agriculture - an Example

·         Tablet-Phablet

·         Introduction to Android

·         Mobile Hardware: Anatomy of a Handset

Activity materials

Online video 


online chat


The “how” (steps A, B, C, that lead to Y or the activity outcomes)


Generic overviews provided in static videos, included overviews of some of the most significant uses within a development context. 

Activity outcomes (“Y”) (positive)




 Relevant areas covered and exmplified


  1. Reflection

 Video use was good and could easily review. There was no real opportunity to test your understanding in a structered way. The chat room did not always have a lecturer monitoring so was luck if you managed to get feedback that way. Forums were a bit more structured but no formal activity was monitored. The group did request for some more formal assessment of knowledge based around quizzes which the course team responded to and provided.

There were a number of the "lectures" which seemed to go into great technical detail that may put some people off. Thes could have been optional or delivered later in the program.



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